How to Create New Articles in Joomla

If you have just installed Joomla on your site, this tutorial will show you how to add articles to your site. One of the important things you will do when creating your site in Joomla is create content. The content are articles. This tutorial will show you how to create a new article and walk you through the fields in the article. Login as the Admin for your curso de joomla  site and we will get started.

Opening Your New Article Template in Joomla

You will need to open your new article template in Joomla to get started. In your top menu, place your mouse on the Content menu. In the drop down box, select the Article Manager option. That will show all of the articles currently on Joomla. Since this is your first article, you will see articles that are published by Joomla, but you can delete these later on.

On this page, you will see a menu in the top right part of your window. These icons are what you will use to get around the article section of Joomla. To open your new article template, you will need to click the New icon located in that top menu. On the following page, you will see the fields available for you to create your new article in Joomla.

Creating Your Articles in Joomla

At first glance of the new article page, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it is not as bad as it looks. There are a lot of fields, but not all of them have to be filled in. Basically, you will need a title for the article you are creating, place it in a section, select if you want it published, write your article, select a category for your article, and publish it.

If you want to get more advanced, you can turn the advance editor for the article on. If you need help with the advance section, you can see my tutorial on Advance Article Options in aprender joomla desde cero gratis.

When you are finished creating your article, you can click the Apply button at the top of your page. Then you can click the Save and Close button when you are finished. Your new article will be saved and you will see it on your article page. You can now create more articles if you want by repeating the above steps.